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D.O.T. (PHMSA) Raises the Civil Penalties for Violations in 2023

Posted on February 23, 2023 at 9:25 AM

In an unexpected announcement by the US DOT, is yet another increase in civil penalty amounts for HAZMAT violations. This is the second increase in less than a year, as the US DOT had increased HAZMAT civil penalties in the Spring of 2022. The new HAZMAT civil penalties took effect on January 1st, 2023, and have been increased across the board.

Maximum civil penalty amounts have increased for HAZMAT violations, hazmat training violations, and hazmat violations resulting in death, severe injury, or other serious incidents. The new penalty amounts are as follows:

- Violation of hazmat regulations: from $89,679 to $96,624

- Violation resulting in death, severe injury, etc: from $209,249 to $225,455

- Violation of hazmat training regulations: from $540 to $582

Given the significant increase in hazmat civil penalties, staying up to date on HAZMAT training is more important than ever. Those who are found to be in violation of HAZMAT regulations can face serious financial penalties.

The HAZMAT industry is both complex and an ever-changing sector of the US economy. The civil penalty increases are meant to reflect the seriousness of HAZMAT violations and encourage all HAZMAT professionals to stay up to date on HAZMAT regulations and best practices.

By raising HAZMAT civil penalties, the US DOT is sending a clear message that HAZMAT compliance is non-negotiable. It’s essential for all professionals and organizations, to stay informed and current about the latest hazmat regulations.


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